Carly O’Connell

1374944_10152368229569015_2578392895930834331_nCarly O’Connell is currently a student at The College of William and Mary studying Chinese and Linguistics. She was first introduced to steampunk at Wicked Faire nearly 5 years ago and is now an annual attendee of both Wicked Faire and the Steampunk World’s Fair. She even teaches a workshop at the Fair on ballroom dance as part of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. If you see her at a convention, come say hi and learn how to dance from her. It will be fun, she promises!

Geri Jeter

Ex-dancer and race fan Geri Jeter is an editor, writer, and graduate gemologist. These days, she writes about NASCAR and Steampunk, along with telling about her family’s relocation to Ecuador (, while working on various projects for her editing clients.

Before all this, she contributed dance articles and book reviews for the California Literary Review. For five years, she wrote for the Las Vegas Weekly news magazine on dance, theater, community issues, classical music/opera, and food and drink. At that time, she also was the editor for La Voce News Magazine, an Italian-American lifestyle monthly. Leading up to that assignment, she was managing editor and writer for three technical theater/live performance magazines Stage Directions, PLSN FOH, and editor/writer for Spectra, the magazine for the American Gem Society.

Geri has been a freelance copy editor for over 15 years. And, yes, she is married to writer K. W. Jeter.

Tonnya Vanderspoel

Tonnya Vanderspoel is a wife and mother of two precocious girls age 14 and 2. A military brat who has crossed the country twice, she finally made her home in Norfolk, VA. She has been writing ever since she first put a a pencil in her hand, and the pushy imaginary people in her head demanded that she write their stories.

K.W. Jeter

K. W. Jeter is a New York Times-bestselling author and is widely credited with coining the term Steampunk in a 1987 letter to Locus magazine. His books Morlock Night and Infernal Devices are two of the earliest novels in the genre.

In addition, he has written many other science fiction and thriller novels, including Dr. Adder, Farewell Horizontal, In the Land of the Dead, Noir, Kingdom of Shadows, and recently the Kim Oh thriller series. He also has written books for the Blade Runner, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Alien Nation franchises. Fiendish Schemes, his long-awaited sequel to Infernal Devices (Tor Books), is now available.

Born in Artesia, California, in 1950, K. W. Jeter holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from California State University Fullerton, a master’s degree in English from the writing program at San Francisco State University, and is an Accredited Jewelry Professional (GIA).

In addition to his writing career, K. W. has worked in various arenas: creative writing instructor for Portland State University (Oregon), corporate communications specialist, researcher for the University of California Medical Center on AIDS-related bereavement issues, and in high-end jewelry retail. He considers all of this primary research.

Over the years, K. W. and his wife Geri have lived in West Hollywood, San Francisco, Portland, Las Vegas, and Bath, England. They currently make their home in Cuenca, Ecuador.



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